How long will the study last?

Ideally, we try to capture approximately six hours of recorded time in bed to assure a sufficient amount of data for analysis by the sleep physician. To make an accurate diagnosis, we need to obtain at least 2 hours of recorded sleep.

Am I in a room by myself?

You will have your own private bedroom that contains a queen sized bed. A technician will be in a separate control room monitoring your sleep throughout the night.

Can a family member/friend stay with me during the study?

This is a medical procedure so it is not recommended that a family member/friend stay with you the entire night but we can make accommodations if needed. Please inform the scheduling department so that accommodations can be made.

What should I wear to sleep in?

Most patients choose to wear a tee shirt and pajama bottoms or shorts. Silky nightwear is not recommended because there can be too much static electricity built up with silk. We require patients wear a top and bottom to sleep in.

What do I need to bring to my study?

You should bring items that make you feel more comfortable such as a favorite pillow or blanket. We ask that you bring two piece pajamas or a tee shirt and shorts to sleep in. Bring any medication you need to take before bed, during the night, or first thing in the morning. We are unable to store your medication but you may bring it to keep with your items. If you need to take medications before bed or during the night, please let the technician know. We do have bottled water, juice and snacks available.

I usually take medications just before bedtime, should I avoid taking it on the night of my study?

Unless your physician has specifically instructed you otherwise, you should continue to take your normal medications before bedtime. Please do list your medications on the pre-sleep questionnaire that you are to fill out.

How will I sleep with all the equipment attached to me? Will it not be uncomfortable?

Your freedom of movement throughout the night will be largely unrestricted. As long as you are mindful of the sensors and move with care, there is no reason why you can’t sleep in the position you find most comfortable. The technologist may ask you to roll to your side or on your back at some point, so that your sleep may be studied in all positions. Most of our patients experience either a minor change or improvement in their sleep quality.

What if I need to go to the washroom?

The technologist monitoring your study will be in the lab area throughout the night. A camera will monitor you and your voice will be audible via intercom system for the duration of your study. Simply call the technologist, who will assist you in getting up and walking to the washroom. If you prefer not to walk to the washroom, we do have urinals available.

Will my insurance pay for a sleep study?

Yes, most insurance companies do cover sleep studies. Some companies may require a deductible or copay. We accept most insurance plans and we will verify and obtain prior authorizations before we schedule your sleep study. If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will the technologist be able to give me the results in the morning?

No. The technologist’s job is to record the most accurate information possible and to make you feel comfortable throughout the night. The overnight part of the study is really just the beginning. Following the study, a thorough analysis and interpretation will be made by a qualified sleep physician, along with recommendations for future therapy, if indicated. The results of your study will be sent to your referring physician within 7-10 business days after your study.

Why can’t my technologist tell me anything about my study?

They are not qualified to make detailed comments on your study. Our policy here at The Good Shepherd Sleep Center requires that the sleep specialist reviews all studies prior to any conclusions. The sleep study and its analysis and interpretation are part of a complex process. Many hours of work are required by specialty trained professionals in order to fully understand the significant amount of data gathered from you during the night. Your sleep technologist will begin to process or “score” the large amount of data recorded during the night. A sleep specialist with thorough knowledge of sleep and its disorders then interprets the information to come up with a final diagnosis.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or concerns regarding my sleep study?

Please contact our trained office staff that are available between the hours of 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday at (727) 807-6969. You may also e-mail admin@shepherdsleepcenter.com with any questions that you may have.

Think you may need a sleep study and not sure how to get started?

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